Poster Session

Poster Session Program

Carla Umbach and Umut Özge: Equatives in Turkish – two cognitive strategies across categories

Chenjie Yuan: A Constructive Type-Theoretical Approach to Questions and Erotetic Reasoning

Kim Fuellenbach, Susan Gelman and E. Matthew Husband: The Semantics of Generic Subjects: Kind-reference in Definite Singulars

Kamil Lemanek: Semantic Complexity and a Dilemma within Natural Semantic Metalanguage

Elisabet Vila Borrellas, Joana Rosselló Ximenes and Wolfram Hinzen: Profiling Question Comprehension at the High-Functioning End of the Autism Spectrum Disorder

Laura Aina: Lexical modulation via distributional semantics: a general framework for modeling word meaning in context

Hyun-Kwon Yang: Syntax, semantics and pragmatics of the tropic and the neustic

Deniz Rudin and Andrea Beltrama: Whither Default Agreement? The case of subjective assertions

Yixiao Song: Wh-Questions, Alternative Questions and Island Effects

Rebecca Woods and Tom Roeper: How the acquisition path reveals the syntactic design of speech acts

Kristina Liefke: Saving Hamlet Ellipsis

Jonathan Shaheen: How General Can Theories of ‘Why’ and ‘Because’ Be?